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Will Samson - Paralanguage [LP] (Clear Vinyl, , limited)

Paralanguage is Will Samson's fifth album and follows releases through Karaoke Kalk (Hauschka, Bill Wells) and Talitres (Destroyer), as well as a string of EPs and collaborative projects. Across his previous releases Will has experimented with electronica, folktronica, ambient and a more guitar-friendly aesthetic - Paralanguage finds him exploring and assuredly consolidating these various styles.

Musically, the album perfectly captures the 'dreams and meditative experiences' that provided inspiration for the record with Will's experiments with water-soaked vintage tape machines adding an atmospheric layer to the recordings. His fragile vocals (often compared to Sufjan Stevens and Patrick Watson) and evocative lyrics also add to the dreamlike feeling of the record.

The album features contributions from additional musicians including pedal steel and double bass from Ben Lester & Jeremy Boettcher from S. Carey, electronics from Message To Bears and violin from Will Samson's long-term touring partner Beatrijs De Klerck.
Side A
1. Calescent
2. Beyond The Dust
3. Flowerbed
4. Triplet

Side B
01. Lacuna
02. The Human Mosaic
03. Ochre Alps
04. The Smallest Sliver