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Water From Your Eyes - Somebody Else's Song [LP] (Vinyl)

For the past three years, Brooklyn's Water From Your Eyes has been evolving and exploring their sound. With Somebody Else's Song, the band feel that they have found their place. At their core, the duo of Nate Amos and Rachel Brown make experimental pop music, songs you can dance to, songs that will stick in your head long after you've heard them. The sound of Water From Your Eyes is far more expansive, however, and Somebody Else's Song is blissfully unclassifiable. It also marks their first true 'New York album' since the band's relocation from Chicago, and much of the weight comes from the personal change inherent from living in a new place as life continues to whir around us. Water From Your Eyes is always adapting and manipulating their inescapable grooves with a genuine sense of wonder and curiosity. Their blueprint of explosive pop, woozy prog, krautrock, post-punk, and twee, is utterly unique and infinitely interesting, as unpredictable as it is instantly infectious.
1. Somebody Else's Song
2. Break
3. No Better Now
4. Look
5. Adeleine
6. This Is Slow
7. Bad In The Sun
8. Look Again