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Vetiver - Up On High [LP] (Vinyl)

Vetiver is the long-running stage and recording name of San Francisco's Andy Cabic. 'Up On High' is his seventh studio album and the first since 2015. Vetiver has toured around the world on headline tours and supporting artists that include Wilco, The Shins, Fleet Foxes, Beach House, Bob Weir & Phil Lesh, and Vashti Bunyan. Vetiver craft nuanced, understated songs that reward careful listening, building a rich duality; a space where sunshine is only a chord away from melancholy, an introspective lyric underlies an extroverted chorus and subtlety tries to be outgoing in an effort to connect the dots of life’s ellipsis.


The Living End
To Who Knows Where
All We Could Want
Hold Tight
Wanted, Never Asked
A Door Shuts Quick
Up On High
Lost (In Your Eyes)