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Various Artists - Tuff City Records 33 1/3 Anniversary Box: Original Old School Recordings 1982-1986 [5LP+7'' Boxset] (plus 19-page booklet) (Vinyl)

The Tuff City Anniversary set is a celebration of the first four years of the label from 1982-1986. The un-reissued trove of pure street hip hop. Contains an all-star cast of old school legends like; Spoonie Gee, Cold Crush Brothers, and the Fearless Four, to producers and mixers like Afrika Bambaataa, Davy DMX, and Russell Simmons. The box includes 32 tracks spread over five 12''s and one 7'' plus a 19 pg booklet.

A1 Vertical Lines - Beach Boy
A2 Micronawts - Lets Smurph across the Surf
A3 Cold Crush Brothers - Punk Rock Rap
B1 Spoonie Gee - The Big Beat
B2 Output - Move For Me
B3 Davy DMX - One For the Treble
C1 Fearless Four - Dedication
C2 Spoonie Gee - Street Girl (12'' Version)
D1 Davy DMX - The DMX Will Rock
D2 Davy DMX - Bonus Beat ( Extended Alt Take)
D3 Papa Austin With The Great Peso - Wrong Girls To Play With
E1 Spoonie Gee - Get Off My Tip
E2 Spoonie Gee - Spoon-Spoon- Spoonie Gee
E3 Puffy Dee - Joe Blow
F1 Cold Cush Brothers - Heartbreakers
F2 Jerome ''Secret Weapon'' Prister and Output - Say You'll Be
F3 Eddie Ski White - Baby Be Mine
G1 Cold Crush Brothers - Fresh Wild Fly & Bold
G2 FunkMaster Wizard Wiz - Knucklehead Rappers
G3 Phantom Rock and MC Bebop - The Story of MC Bebop
H1 Beatbox Master Quick ( Feat. Funkmaster Wizard Wiz) - Beatbox Master Quick
H2 The Might Mike C - I'm Stupid Fresh
H3 MC New York & The Smokin' Commission - Good Morning Mr. Phelps
H4 MC New York & The Smokin' Commission - I Am New York
I1 Grandmaster Caz - Yvette
I2 Grandmaster Caz - Mr. Bill
I3 FunkMaster Wizard Wiz - Put That Head Out
J1 Freddy B and The Mighty Mic Masters - It's the Hip Hop
J2 FunkMaster Wizard Wiz - Crack It Up
J3 FunkMaster Wizard Wiz - Can't You Take A Hint ( I'm a Bellevue Patient)
K1 Cold Cush Brothers - Punk Rock Rap (Party Mix)
L1 Barry Boulevard - Barrys Routine