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Various Artists - re:works [2LP] (Vinyl)

Re:works is a ground-breaking project that sees the rich catalog of Decca Classics opened to some of the world’s most innovative electronic artists. The vinyl edition of the album includes great works by Bach, Beethoven, Debussy, Grieg and Schubert to Reich and Sakamoto that have been ''reworked'' by DJs such as Sebastien Tellier, Henrik Schwarz, Martin Buttrich, Mr Scruff and Kate Simko.

1.Grieg: Peer Gynt (Death Of Aase) [Solomon Grey's Paradise Lost Rework],
2.Bach: Prelude And Fugue In C [Ulrich Schnauss Rework],
3.Faur?: Requiem (Sanctus) [Faultline Rework],
4.Satie: Gnossienne No.1 [Starkey Remix],

1.Debussy: String Quartet (Assez Vif Et Bien Bien Rythm?) [Henrik Schwarz Rework],
2.Six Pianos [Mr Scruff Rework],
3.Schubert: Schwanengesang (Standchen) [Kate Simko Rework]

1.Satie: 4 Pr?ludes Flasques [Fort Romeau Rework],
2.Holst: The Planets (Neptune) [Thomas Gandey's Cosmix Rework],
3.Satie: Gnossienne No.4 [Martin Buttrich Remix],

1.Merry Christmas Mr. Lawrence [Francesco Tristano Rework],
2.Drumming [Patrice B?umel Rework Edit],
3.Rachmaninov: Vespers ""Bogoroditse Devo"" (All-Night Vigil) [Alberto Bof Rework]