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Various Artists - Domestic Sampler UMYU [LP] (Vinyl)

2017 release. Discos Transgenero presents the first ever reissue of the Domestic Sampler UMYU, originally released in 1982. Domestic Sampler was a project that Victor Nubla (former member of Macromassa) recorded for the record label UMYU. It features a host of artists; a synergy of the scene that was happening in Barcelona at the beginning of the eighties. El Grito Acusador, Entr'Acte, Logotipo, Klamm, Secreto Metro, Error Genetico, Detra's Band 10, Boris, Mimi Pimer, and Tres reflected the new wave underground scene of Catalan groups who revolved around Victor Nubla as the mystic center of their universe. Nevertheless, Domestic Sampler also represents a confluence between English and Spanish underground culture since Jim Whelton and Bing Selfish, who originated in The Homosexuals and The Murphy Federation, were living in Spain when they met Victor Nubla. They hovered around the same scene in which projects such as Milk From Cheltenham, Amos & Superslicks, and The Hostiapaths were engendered. The LP was recorded at Sonitec Studio (aka Gomis 42) where Victor used to work. By day the studio was used to record music for the mainstream, advertisements or porn, but by night Victor recorded underground bands, thus spending days in Sonitec Studio and nights in UMYU Studio. All the bands involved worked in a very collaborative way; after all, they were sharing the instruments. The cost of the recording was divided by the minutes that would fit onto the disc and each group paid for the time that they were using, subsequently receiving a total of discs proportional to what they paid. The album was never openly distributed through record stores; the bands distributed it by themselves. Domestic Sampler UMYU is a tremendously exciting and unrepeatable record that fully captures the creativity, anarchism, and counter-cultural effervescence that emerged in Spain during the post-Franco period. Includes fanzine insert with detailed liner notes created by Bing Selfish (El Frenzy Productions). Texts written by Victor Nubla, Juan Crek, Juanjo Sanchez, Jim Whelton, and Bing Selfish.
A1. El Grito Acusador - Somos Punks (1:55)
A2. The Hostiapaths - Tchang Kai Chek (1:30)
A3. El Grito Acusador - James Bond No Lo Hacia Por Dinero, El Otro Si (1:10)
A4. Entr'Acte - No Es Deixi Vestir Per Una Maquina (3:29)
A5. Milk From Cheltenham - The Unloved (1:35)
A6. Error Genetico - Tumor En La Frente (3:00)
A7. Detra's Band 10 - En El Horno (1:31)
A8. Tres - I Doubt (3:00)
A9. Amos & Superslicks - Blue Pink Suits (1:08)
B1. Klamm - Eish Anta (6:50)
B2. Boris - La Banda De Doris (1:30)
B3. Entr'Acte - L'Altre Escandol De L'Extranya Dona (2:45)
B4. Logotipo - Teoria De Contacto (3:15)
B5. Secreto Metro - Esparadrapo (5:01)
B6. Mimi Piner - Perfect Lunch (3:40)