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Various Artists - Clarks In Jamaica [LP]

Clarks In Jamaica is the audio companion to the pictorial
essay by UK writer and historian Al Fingers. With the 2011
publication of his book Clarks In Jamaica, writer Al Fingers
has created a visual testimony to the longstanding love
affair that Jamaica has had with Clarks brand shoes and
most notably, the Clarks Original Desert boot. This
phenomenon is captured here with the line-up of dancehall
classics that feature some take on the import of the Clarks
'Booty' in the style and fashion of contemporary Jamaican
1. Little John - Clarks Booty
2. Richie Davis - Lean Boot
3. Trinity - Clarks Booty Skank
4. Dillinger - CB 200
5. Laurel & Hardy - Dangerous Shoes
6. Ranking Joe - Clarks Booty Style
1. Little John - Brandy
2. Scorcher - Put On Me Clarks
3. Early B - Pedestrian
4. Super Cat - Trash and Ready
5. Culture - She Want Money
6. Robert Ffrench - Rebel Girl