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Various Artists - Bourne Identity, The (Soundtrack) [LP]

The original soundtrack from the first Jason Bourne film, released in timing with the return of Matt Damon to his signature character for a new blockbuster film in theaters on the same July 29th release date. Album will be pressed on Military Green vinyl in recognition of the characters' roots in the Marines and Army. John Powell is a best-selling composer, (How to Train Your Dragon), and the soundtrack has sold over 50K copies in the U.S. alone.

Side 1
1. Main Titles,
2. Bourne Gets Well,
3. Treadstone Assassins,
4. At The Bank,
5. Bourne On Land,
6. Escape From Embassy,
7. The Drive To Paris,
8. The Apartment

Side 2
1. Hotel Regina,
2. At The Farmhouse,
3. On Bridge Number,
4. Jason's Theme,
5. The Bourne Identity,
6. Drum And Bass Remix