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Various Artists - Boddie Recording Company: Cleveland, Ohio [5LP Box Set] (Vinyl)

From 1958 to 1993, Thomas and Louise Boddie's industrious Boddie Recording Company issued nearly 300 albums and 45s, recorded 10,000 hours of tape, and remained in operation longer than any other studio, pressing plant, or label group in the history of Cleveland. Long forgotten even by the standards of the chronically overlooked northeastern Ohio music scene, Boddie was a fusion of its owner's engineering genius and his limited economic means; its DIY recording studio housed in a humble barn, churned night and day to capture the sounds emanating from Cleveland's east side neighborhoods. The 58 tracks on these three CDs (or 65 track 5LP) represent the best of the Boddies' in-house Soul Kitchen, Luau, and Bounty labels, which released an unspoiled treasure trove of kitchen-sink eccentric soul, fuzzbox funk, shoestring doo-wop, and haunted, eerily hook-laden spirituals. Enclosed inside is a mountain of office-styled ephemera: two massive booklets brimming with detail on the Boddies and their artists; extensive notes and scores of unpublished photos; a complete detailed discography folio; reproduced fliers; and a Boddie greeting card - all rendered with the handcrafted charm that was the Boddie hallmark. Call it a self-contained record industry crammed into one box.

Side A

01. Creations Unlimited - Chrystal Illusion
02. Ricky Hodges & the Funky People - Don't Destroy Our Love
03. Frankie Pighee & Soulettes - Soul Feeling
04. Chantells - World Of Soul
05. Jackie Russell - If You Don't Want Me Let Me Be
06. Angela Alexander & J. D. Saddler - Spoilin' For A Fight
07. Inter-Circle - The Pusher

Side B

01. Eddie & the Ant Hill Mob - I'm A Number Runner
02. Bo & the Metros - Moving On
03. Inter-Circle - The Players
04. Creations Unlimited - Corruption Is The Thing
05. King James Version feat. King Solomon & Moses - He's Coming

Side C

01. Angela Alexander & J. D. Saddler - Don't Make Me Kill You
02. Chantells - Why Won't You Say (What You Want)
03. Frankie Pighee & Soulettes - If You Don't Think That I Love You
04. Jackie Russell - Don't Trade Love For Money
05. Bo & the Metros - Buttered Out
06. Ricky Hodges - I Feel It (The Love You Have For Me)
07. King James Version feat. King Solomon & Moses - He's Forever

Side D

01. A. C. Jones & the Atomic Aces - Oh Baby (I Love You)
02. Harvey Hall - Tell Me About it
03. Headlines - He's Looking For A Love
04. J. C. Akins - I've Got to Find A Way (To Get To Your Heart)
05. Modern Detergents - Monkey Hips & Yice
06. A. C. Jones & the Atomic Aces - Give Me Your Love

Side E

01. Harvey & the Phenomenals - Darlene (Instrumental)
02. Little Anthony & the Modern Detergents - Don't Make Me Blue
03. Penny North - Satisfied
04. J. C. Akins & the Dukes - You Upset My Very Soul
05. Harvey & the Phenomenals - All In Your Eyes
06. J. C. Akins - I Love You
07. J. C. Akins & the Dukes - New Dance

Side F

01. A. C. Jones & the Soulettes - Hole In Your Sole
02. Penny North - Thought I Had A Good Thing
03. Harvey & the Phenomenals - Darlene
04. Headlines - Baby
05. A. C. Jones & the Atomic Aces - Give Me Your Love (Instrumental)
06. Headlines - He's Looking For A Love (Demo)

Side G

01. Rev. R. L. Hubbard - Child Of The King
02. Brother Bill - Wha's Happ'nin'
03. Guiding Lights - Lost In Sin
04. Wings of Faith Juniors Of Grand Rapids, MI - I Can't Thank Him Enough
05. Seven Revelators - Keep Holding On
06. Victory 5 - Have You Been To The Pool
07. Sounds of Soul - Gospel Train

Side H

01. Corinthian Singers - Why? (It's A Shame)
02. Fantastic Lightning Ares - Jesus You Are My Shining Star
03. North Wind Of Cleveland, OH - If I've Done Any Wrong
04. Golden Harmonizers - Won't Be Back No More
05. Gospel Hebrews - Jesus Is All Over Me
06. Gospel Fabulators - Read It In The Bible
07. Spiritual Believers - Sweet To Know

Side I

01. Silver Kings Trouble - The Water
02. Cleveland Golden Echos - Used To Live On Broadway
03. Royal Kings - Look Out For Jesus
04. Swanee Nightingales - I Know The Lord Will Make A Way
05. Gospel Ensemble - What You Need
06. Juanita Ellis - Make A Joyful Noise

Side J

01. Headlines - Baby (Demo)
02. Delores White - Why Don't We Understand
03. Addie Pearl Rice - Sara Culture
04. Harvey & the Phenomenals - T. G. I. F.
05. Addie Pearl Rice - Flowers Are Blooming
06. Jackie Russell - If You Don't Want Me Let Me Be (Demo)
07. Delores White - Lover's Paradise