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Various Artists - American Epic: The Sessions (Soundtrack) [3LP] (180 Gram, new recordings by current artists, trifold jacket) (Vinyl)

Airing in the spring of 2017 on PBS in the United States, AMERICAN EPIC is a three-part documentary, narrated by Robert Redford, that tells the extraordinary story of the trailblazing era when country-wide, the music of ordinary Americans was recorded for the very first time. The film segments depict the extraordinary story set in the late 1920s when record company talent scouts toured America with a recording machine and for the first time captured the raw expression of an emerging culture. The filmmakers follow the recording machine's trail across the United States to rediscover the families whose recordings would lead to the development of blues, country, gospel, Hawaiian, Cajun and folk music - without which there would be no rock, pop, R&B or hip hop today. The series culminates with ''The AMERICAN EPIC Sessions,'' the feature-length film showcasing contemporary artists in recording sessions using original recording equipment from the era. The full three part series and The AMERICAN EPIC Sessions will also air in several other international territories including BBC (United Kingdom), ARTE/ZDF (France and Germany), Canal Plus (Spain), and others.

AMERICAN EPIC: The Sessions is an album of exclusive new recordings produced by Jack White and T Bone Burnett of music legends and contemporary artists including Alabama Shakes, The Americans, The Avett Brothers, Beck, Frank Fairfield, Ana Gabriel, Rhiannon Giddens, Merle Haggard, Bobby Ingano, Elton John, Auntie Geri Kuhia, Pokey LaFarge, Bettye LaVette, Los Lobos, Lost Bayou Ramblers, Taj Mahal, Steve Martin & Edie Brickell, Fred Martin and The Levite Camp, Ashley Monroe, Nas, Willie Nelson, Charlie Kaleo Oyama, Blind Boy Paxton, Raphael Saadiq, and Jack White. The artists have recorded both new compositions and songs from the 1920s and 1930s, that are featured in the PBS documentary, AMERICAN EPIC. For the AMERICAN EPIC: The Sessions segment, the producers re-assembled a recording lathe from the late 1920s - the last of its kind in existence - and replicated the atmosphere of America's seminal 1920s field recordings down to the smallest detail. The artists recorded straight to wax, using all the original microphones, amplifiers, and other equipment from that era. It was the first time that any performer has been able to use this machinery for over 80 years.

The American Epic Sessions Original Motion Picture Soundtrack features 3 LPs, a trifold jacket with soft touch finish

1. Killer Diller Blues by Alabama Shakes
2. On the Road Again by Nas
3. Candy Man by Jerron ''Blind Boy'' Paxton
4. 2 Fingers of Whiskey by Elton John and Jack White
5. The Coo Coo Bird by Steve Martin and Edie Brickell
6. Like a Rose by Ashley Monroe

1. The Only Man Wilder than Me by Willie Nelson and Merle Haggard
2. Matrimonial Intentions by Jack White
3. One Hour Mama by Rhiannon Giddens
4. Mal Hombre by Ana Gabriel
5. El Cascabel by Los Lobos

1. Closer Walk with Thee by The Avett Brothers
2. Fourteen Rivers,Fourteen Floods by Beck
3. Nobody's Dirty Business by Bettye Lavette
4. St. Louis Blues by Pokey LaFarge
5. High Water Everywhere,Part 2 by Taj Mahal

1. One Mic by Nas
2. Pretty Saro by Rhiannon Giddens
3. Jubilee by Ashley Monroe and The Americans
4. Tous les Matins by Lost Bayou Ramblers
5. When I Woke Up this Morning by Bettye Lavette
6. If the River was Whiskey by Frank Fairfield

1. Stealin' Stealin' by Raphael Saadiq
2. Jordan am a Hard Road to Travel by The Avett Brothers
3. Sail Away Ladies by The Americans
4. Tomi Tomi by The Hawaiians
5. Last Kind Words by Christine Pizzuti

1. Come On in My Kitchen by Stephen Stills
2. Mama's Angel Child by Jack White
3. Josephine by Pokey LaFarge
4. Hilo Hanakahi by The Hawaiians
5. Old Fashioned Love by Willie Nelson and Merle Haggard