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Tyrnaround - Colour Your Mind (Expanded Mind Edition) [LP] (Vinyl)

Originally issued as a 12'' mini-album in 1986, Tyrnaround's Colour Your Mind has become a touchstone of 1980s neo-psychedelia and almost certainly one of the best records of the second psychedelic era. Influenced by classic '60s British psychedelia, it was also inspired by The Dukes of Stratosphear's ''25-O-Clock'' and perhaps exceeds that record's trip factor with the acid-infused title track -- featured on Amorphous Androgynous Wizards of Oz compilation, and also famously covered by Vibravoid -- blending searing acid fuzz guitar, swirling keyboards, surreal lyrics, and sumptuous early Floyd-like harmonies. Now expanded to a full-length LP, including all the bands singles as well as the rare Freakbeat Magazine 45 ''Paragon-Smythe'' (featuring the never released before unedited version), this could be seen as Tyrnaround's perfect debut album. Trippy '60s-styled psychedelia from Australia. Comes in '60s UK styled backflaps sleeve; includes insert with unseen photos and a full history of the band by Richard Allen (Freakbeat, Delerium, Shindig!); Includes card which includes rare demo and live tracks.
01. Colour Your Mind
02. Francis
03. Uncle Sidney
04. Paragon-Smythe
05. Carroll By Candlelight
06. Suicidal Flowers
07. Want Of A Rhyme
08. Uncle Jack
09. Hello Or Goodbye
10. Colour Your Mind (4-track demo)
11. Want Of A Rhyme (4-track demo)
12. Pictures of Matchstick Men (4-track demo)
13. Astronomy Domine (4-track demo
14. Paragon-Smythe (7'' version)
15. Theme From Dr. Who (Live at Shake Some Action Club)