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Twins - New Cold Dream [LP] (Pink & White Colored Vinyl)

New Cold Dream is a thoughtful yet heartfelt amalgamation of dark electro, synth pop, and industrial dance music. ''Lie Awake'', an irresistibly classic dark-electro song underpinned by an infectious dance beat, embodies this balance perfectly. Past influences abound -- from John Maus to Bauhaus, from Suicide to Depeche Mode -- but this record lives distinctly in the present. For all its themes of fear and uncertainty brought on by the times we live in, New Cold Dream isn't a pessimistic record -- Matt Weiner seeks to embrace the unforgiving nature of these realities. Balancing optimism with cynicism, oscillating between hot and cold. This duality can be heard throughout the record -- from the foreboding refrain of ''Slow Decline'' to the sublime choral tones of ''Misuse''. Ominous, industrial beats offset dreamy synth melodies, while Weiner's fervid vocals reconcile tensions throughout: hot vs. cold, fear vs. courage, light vs. dark. Twins finds the similarities in what appear to be opposites, and invites you to do the same. ''I want people to feel moved; both moved to get up and move and also moved in a deeper sense of connecting with ideas that may not have made sense before,'' Weiner says of his project. It's music for contemplating while dancing, for letting go while you hold on tight. As we grow tired of a world that deals in extremes, we wake up to a new cold dream.'' Comes on pink and white color vinyl.
01. Lie Awake
02. At Your Door
03. Silent & Alone
04. Alive Inside
05. New Cold Dream Pt. III
06. Misuse (Intro)
07. Misuse (Album Version)
08. Slow Decline
09. New Cold Dream Pt. II
10. Left Behind