Tomb Weavers, The - Visitation [7'']

The Tomb Weavers return with their third single! Picking up right where
they left off from their previous singles on Burger Records and Get Hip, this
power trio from Monterey, California displays once again some great heavy
psych moves much more akin to the heavy psych/hard rock sounds that
emerged in the waning days of the 1960's into the early dawn of the
1970's! Both tracks on the single bear the same name, not only due to the
way they both complement each other so well, but also in the sense of
''visitation'' as a reconnection with the heavy psych sounds of days past in
order to create music now that is at once as immediate yet remains
timeless. Think not only of well-known heavy-hitter groups like Blue Cheer
for a comparison here, but also of a myriad of 60's psychedelic unknowns
with colorful names such as Orange Wedge, Glass Sun, and Twentieth
Century Zoo and connect the dots!