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Tia Carrera - Cosmic Priestess [LP] (180 Gram, 250 black / 250 clear, yellow, red, black - swirl - Limited to 500, gatefold) (Vinyl)

For well over a decade now, Tia Carrera have been melting minds with their own twist on the 70's rock n'
roll jam. Mostly improvised, each live show is more of an experience than a performance, transporting you
from wherever you are to places you didn't even know existed.
Erik Conn, Jason Morales and now permanent member Jamey Simms (Heaven/Hell line up, Arclight 2006)
have taken their music to a new level both live and in the studio. Simms andMorales switch instruments
seamlessly, sometimes mid-jam while Conn whales on, taking the listener on a wild, mind altering ride.
The new release Cosmic Priestess, Small Stone 2011, highlights these elements to near perfection, bringing
to the music new depths and lengths. Whether you're strapped to a chassis of a Texas hot rod in ''Slave
Cylinder'', exploring the colorful world of a coral reef in ''Sand, Stone and Pearl'' or three quarters of the way
through the near 33 minute ''Saturn Missile Battery'', Tia Carrera's improvisational scores will not
disappoint. As a super added bonus, Cosmic Priestess will also be available on 180g vinyl later this year.

The LP will be a very limted run of 500 copies (250 black, 250 in some kind of special color variation), and
when they're gone, they really will be.

For fans off: Earthless, Jimi Hendrix, Santana


band's home town: Austin, TX
key markets for the band: Houston Los Angeles, Boston, Chicago,Portland, Seattle New York, Phoenix, Dallas

1. Slave Cylinder (7:32)
2. Sand, Stone And Pearl (11:40)
3. Saturn Missle Battery (20:48)