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Third Man Records/Ben Blackwell - The Blue Series: The Story Behind the Color [Book] (hardcover, 282 pages) (Vinyl)

As the brainchild of Jack White, the Blue Series started in tandem with Third Man Records, White's Nashville-based record label founded in 2009. Built on the simple premise of 7'' 45rpm singles all recorded in the same studio, with the same producer (White), with photos taken in the same locale (Third Man Records' onsite Blue Room) and manufactured at the same pressing plant (United Record Pressing, a stone's throw from TMR's offices) the resultant 40 singles impressively run the gamut of artists and styles. Whether it's the wildly popular like Beck, the classic veteran Tom Jones, the character Stephen Colbert, the polarizing Insane Clown Posse, or previously unknown performers making their debut releases, the Blue Series is the perfect snapshot of what Third Man, and by extension Jack White, have focused on and championed for the past seven years.

With contributions from Blue Series artists stemming from exclusive interviews, conducted specifically for this topic, the book will document the Series' stories, personalities, recording process and the inner-workings of studio production, real world promotion, and commercial reaction. Such depth and behind-the-scenes views are quite rare both from White and Third Man and should help contextualize what a truly unique and unparalleled collection of song and performance these singles comprise. Not to mention most were recorded with only 24 hours notice.

282 pages