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The Grouch - F*ck The Dumb (Orange Vinyl 2XLP)

Double orange vinyl LP pressing. The Grouch's fourth album from 1998, Fuck The Dumb, gets it's first ever vinyl edition. Being a founding member of the Living Legends crew, The Grouch has made his name from the mid-90's on as one of the leading artists out of the flourishing Westcoast Underground scene. All independently, all DIY. We at hhv. de are very excited to finally get his full back catalog out on vinyl, for the first time ever!

Track Listings

Disc: 1

  1. I'm Here
  2. All Natural
  3. Gibberish
  4. Congestion Feat Eligh
  5. Itchin for a
  6. Nothing Changing
  7. Bangers
  8. Til the Endathis
  9. Another Nut
  10. Cool Out
  11. Symbolism
  12. Your'e Not the 1
  13. For All Yall
  14. Frustrated
  15. Yudontknow
  16. A Matter of Fact
  17. Drain Me
  18. Once Upon a Rhyme
  19. Idunno
  20. Over/Evaluation