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The Deli - Jazz Cat (Turquoise Vinyl LP)

Limited colored vinyl LP pressing. Austin hip-hop beatrepreneur The Deli made serious waves with previous Cold Busted album Vibes 3. This track shook up the Spotify world with over 14 million plays and inclusion on at least 500 playlists. Anticipation is strong for a follow-up from The Deli and, with his new album Jazz Cat, he delivers with gusto. Filled with the smoked-out, laid-back cut-and-paste rhythmology that The Deli is known for, Jazz Cat contains 15 enticing beat compositions. The title cut shows where he's at, transmitting an old-is-new-again feel through scratchy snare snaps, looping piano chords, and faraway - both in time and place - city sounds. Other highlights include the dreamy lounge pressure of "Virgo Flip," "Fractals" and it's shimmering vibraphone atmospheres coproduced by Lungfulls, the 'hip-hop party happening down the street' vibe of "Spring," and the crucial, jazzy beat construction of "Going Home." Dig in... wIth Jazz Cat, The Deli trips the night fantastic.

Track Listings

Disc: 1

  1. 1:56PM
  2. Virgo Flip
  3. Spring
  4. 2:11Am Ikebukuro
  5. Jazz Catz
  6. Body N Soul
  7. Yes Ya'll Interlude
  8. Night Vibe
  9. Sign Wave
  10. Fractals
  11. On & on
  12. Going Home
  13. Rainy Day in Japan
  14. Intro
  15. Midnight in Brazil