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Tapper Zukie - X Is Wrong [LP] (Vinyl)

LP version. Tapper Zukie still asks the questions and stating the facts that few artists of his caliber would attain to. His classic Dee-Jay style has been copied by many but bettered by few. Over some of his killer rhythms that he previously worked up while producing fellow roots groups such as Prince Allah, Knowledge, and Junior Ross and the Spears. Alongside some fresh rhythms, he has taken these as a backbone to some further questions and biblical reasoning that needed answering. Tapper tells it as it is on this mighty collection of tunes under the name X Is Wrong. This is the first time this set has seen a proper release only previously being available as a from Tapper's website. A remarkably great set of songs that finally get the release they deserve.
01. Judge I Oh Lord
02. Israel
03. Rasta People
04. X Is Wrong
05. Eyes Of An Eagle
06. Gi Wi Back
07. Me And God And Dem
08. Youth And Youth
09. How Fe Live Long
10. Woman You A Yard
11. Big Batty Girl
12. Fool And Their Money