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Takeo Watanabe / Yushi Matsuyama - Mobile Suit Gundam (Original Soundtrack) [LP] (40th Anniversary, Japanese import, OBI strip, gatefold, limited) (Vinyl)

The first soundtrack album to Mobile Suit Gundam which marked the 40th year of broadcasting. BGM producecd by combination of Takeo Watanabe and Yushi Matsuyama was recorded in stereo, taking vinyl release into account. Gatefold sleeve with full color images.

Original Release Date: 05 Jun 1979 (SKD-2005)

A1 Shobe! Gundam / Akira Ikeda
A2 Sadness and definitely
A3 Long sleep
A4 Mercy
A5 Relief
A6 Stand on the Gundam Earth
A7 A refreshing Char
A8 Brave Gundam
A9 Emptiness
A10 Zeon Threat

B1 Fear of fighting
B2 Space colony
B3 Suspense
B4 Zeon Plot
B5 anxiety
B6 Spy enemy ground
B7 Gundam stands in a remote area
B8 Bitter victory
B9 Prayer for peace
B10 Amuro's journey
B11 Forever Amuro / Akira Ikeda