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T. Rex - Telegram Sam / Baby Strange [7''] (Blue Vinyl) LP

Limited edition pressing 500 copies on blue vinyl in the new T.REX House bags ' alternative recordings of classic T.REX songs. Telegram Sam was recorded in Denmark in 1971 as a pre-recording band run through. What you hear is T.Rex the group playing without the cameras of TV or radio broadcast or to an audience but as a tight knit group getting on with it .. the result is amazing. Baby strange is a recording of an early television broadcast from the same time period. Both songs would appear the following year on the legendary 'Slider' album. ' Taken from Marc's own recordings and mastered in 2019 they are not mixed or re mixed or tampered with in any way
A: Telegram Sam (Alt. Version 1971) B: Baby Strange (Broadcast Version 1971)