Swamp Rats - Psycho (Unedited Take 2) / Hey Joe! (Band Track) [7''] (Yellow Vinyl)

BRUTALLY RAW 1966 PITTSBURGH GARAGE! BEST Sonics cover EVER! Limited edition from master tapes!!!

Hot off the presses, a reissue of one of the most WILD '60s garage records ever pressed - The Sonics ''Psycho'' as interpreted by The Swamp Rats - this version is even MORE crazed, it is a full unedited version - ''take two'' - backed with an instrumental track of their stunning version of ''Hey Joe.'' Issued on STONE Classic Records, yellow vinyl, OFF THE MASTER TAPES! This is just the beginning of several releases from the vault of DJ Terry Lee's master tapes. This one is great for you DJs out there