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Sublime With Rome - Blessings [LP] (Vinyl)

With Sublime bassist and co-founder Eric Wilson anchoring the group, Sublime With Rome are armed with a new album that makes a real statement... their statement. Produced by Rob Cavallo, who has worked with Green Day, My Chemical Romance, Linkiin Park and many more, the latest release is an expression of three musicians who truly get each other and who communicate seamlessly through their instruments. The luxury of time had a huge impact on their approach to this all-important release, especially since the band went into the studio without any demos or songs ready to go! That might sound terrifying to some musicians, but Sublime With Rome were invigorated by the situation.''We didn't have any songs in our pockets,'' the frontman said, confessing that while he liked the spontaneity, it also lit a fire under their collective ass. ''We showed up to this big studio and we had nothing, so we had to make it grassroots. It felt refreshing to make things on the fly. It really came together with all of us in the room and we loved the result.'' He furthered, ''Everything was recorded live and together. It's a little tighter and edgier than our last two releases. We have a lot of influence from Eric and it definitely shows.''

TRACK LISTING: Side - A Side - B 1. Blessings - Sublime With Rome (3:30) 1. Wicked Heart - Sublime With Rome (3:18) 2. Light On - Sublime With Rome (3:25) 2. Survive - Sublime With Rome (3:11) 3. Wild Fire - Sublime With Rome (2:28) 3. May Day - Sublime With Rome (3:27) 4. Spiderweb - Sublime With Rome (3:05) 4. One Day At A Time (ft. Eddie Zuko) - Sublime With Rome (2:23) 5. Blackout - Sublime With Rome (3:43) 5. Thank U - Sublime With Rome (2:16) 6. For The Night - Sublime With Rome (3:30)