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Stray Cats - Live At The Roxy 1981 [LP] (limited) (Vinyl)

Stray Cats formed in 1979 in the Long Island town of Massapequa. Although an American group, it wasn't until they moved to the UK - a country and continent more interested in their retro rockabilly sound - that they achieved any kind of success. Their first album from 1981 was released only in Europe where they notched several hit singles. Their popularity outside the USA was so strong that of the 100s of shows the group played in 1981, only 10 of them were in the states. One of those, from The Roxy in West Hollywood on September 2, was recorded for history to witness, and the band is absolutely on fire. They sound like they've got something to prove in their home country and the shredding rockabilly set is something to behold.