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Stephen Bishop - We'll Talk About It Later In The Car [LP] (Vinyl)

Stephen Bishop is a world-class guitarist, vocalist, and songwriter with a celebrated career of over four decades of live performance, song craftsmanship, recording, and entertainment. A San Diego native, Stephen Bishop's introduction to the music industry was after seeing the Beatles perform on The Ed Sullivan Show, at 13 years old. His brother Denny bought him an electric guitar which inspired him to take his poetry and convert it into songs. He began creating his own unique chords, melodies and writing original songs. The first song he ever wrote was called, ''Surf's Turf,'' an instrumental. Less than a year after picking up the guitar, Stephen formed a band called, ''The Weeds.'' Soon after, they began performing at local venues, playing a mixture of original songs and popular hits on the radio at the time. As a band, the Weeds placed second at the Claremont Battle of the Bands in 1966. After the Weeds disbanded, Stephen ventured to Los Angeles in the hopes of landing a songwriting contract. Stephen walked the streets of LA in the early 1970's with nothing more than a $12 guitar. He began playing songs for different publishers in the area and landed a deal with Edwin H. Morris Publishing in Hollywood. Stephen was paid $50 per week. During his first few years at the publishing company, only one of his songs was recorded. At one point, Stephen considered leaving Los Angeles to work for his father's insurance company in San Diego. However, his friend Leah Kunkel connected him with Art Garfunkel. Art recorded two of Stephen's songs on his album, Breakaway. Shortly thereafter, Stephen was signed to ABC Records. He released his first album, Careless, which had two popular hits, ''On and On,'' and ''Save It For a Rainy Day.'' It became gold certified, as well as his second album, Bish. Stephen Bishop has released 17 albums and has played his songs personally for Barbra Streisand, Diana Ross, Bette Midler, Melissa Manchester, and Katy Perry. His newest album, Blueprint was released in 2016. In Eric Clapton's autobiography, he mentions Stephen Bishop as one of his favorite songwriters.


Full Length Vinyl 1

Side A Side B

01 Almost Home
02 In Dreams I Fly
03 One In A Million Girl
04 Someone Else
05 Like Mother Like Daughter
06 A Million Little Pieces

01 In Love With A Violent Man
02 The Day You Fall In Love With Me
03 I Don't Know Enough About You
04 Nora June
05 French Postcards
06 Tiny Pillow
07 Tinseltown