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Starvin B - Starvicide (LP) (Vinyl)

JASON MCGUINESS aka ANALOG BURNERS left Pennsylvania For LA with a passion for Raw Hip Hop, Soul, making beats and collecting wax. In early 2014, he conceived, produced and released an acclaimed 3 song EP which celebrated Motown's Psychedelic Soul producer NORMAN WHITFIELD titled MASTERPIECE: A WHITFIELD/STRONG TRIBUTE. The EP appeared on the ANALOG BURNERS imprint and sold out of 2 pressings. For his second ANALOG BURNERS release, MCGUINESS has provided all the beats on the 10 song STARVICIDE album which spotlights mc STARVIN B. "His rhyme style, writing and content remind me of the New York indie Hip Hop I grew up with. It's the sound of Non-Phixion, the Arsonists and Natural Elements" McGuiness enthuses. STARVIN B's rhymes on STARVICIDE are pure rough n rugged reality raps. In your face scratches accent the neck snapping tracks. Former rap fans who've become cynical over the dearth of strong new talent need to hear STARVACIDE. As STARVIN B says: "the showdown's bout to go down".

Track Listings

Disc: 1

  1. I'm Starvin Feat. DJ Akil
  2. Rockwiddit
  3. 6 Rounds Feat Foul Monday, Juxx Diamonds, Mic Handz, Rim Da Villin and Royal Flush
  4. Starvicide
  5. Whose Side Are You On?
  6. Brown Bottle
  7. At the Office Feat Spent D'nero
  8. Bad Guy Story Feat. Mr. at and Tre Eiht Special
  9. Chess Not Checkers
  10. What They Talk About