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SPK - Zamia Lehmanni: Songs Of Byzantine Flowers [LP] (180 Gram, , gatefold) (Vinyl)

LP version. 180 gram vinyl; 350gsm gatefold sleeve; includes with ''The Doctrine Of Eternal Ice''. Originally released by Side Effects in 1986, Zamia Lehmanni was the third (and final) core SPK album and was Graeme Revell's first truly solo project. He was in a period of transition, somewhere between the industrial noise of the early years and his later award-winning soundtrack work. On the day before this was first released, this style of music, now ubiquitous (especially in soundtracks), did not exist. After Information Overload Unit (1981) cleared a space for subsequent explorations, and the environmental percussion and anchored mutilated sound collages of Leichenschrei (1982), the ''body without organs'' was fully eviscerated. Graeme felt ''industrial music'' was becoming ossified and needed to be taken into radically new territories: ''post-industrial''. The track ''In Flagrante Delicto'' (mastered as originally intended here) was later used by Revell for his work on the soundtrack for the 1989 film Dead Calm, which won him Best Original Score from the Australian Film Institute. Unavailable in any format since Mute's 1992 CD edition, Cold Spring Records now present this landmark album on newly remastered CD, and on vinyl for the first time since 1986. Approved by Graham Revell, this release comes with new artwork by Abby Helasdottir and is remastered by Martin Bowes (The Cage). New liner notes from Graeme Revell, 2019.
01. Invocation (To Secular Heresies)
02. Palms Crossed In Sorrow
03. Romanz In Moll (Romance In A Minor Key)
04. In The Dying Moments
05. In Flagrante Delicto (Introduction)
06. In Flagrante Delicto
07. Alocasia Metallica
08. Necropolis
09. The Garden Of Earthly Delights