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Sonic Youth - Goo (Deluxe Edition) [4 LP Box Set] (remastered plus many bonus tracks) (Vinyl)

The Deluxe Edition of Sonic Youth's 1990 album Goo includes thirty one songs: the original album remastered; remixed and remastered versions of the band's 8-track demos; the album outtake 'Lee #2' (previously unheard with vocals); rehearsal outtakes 'Tuff Boyz' and 'Isaac'; 'Can Song' (a never-before-heard demo of 'The Bedroom'); the Beach Boys cover 'I Know There's an Answer'; 'Dr. Benway's House,' the band's contribution to William Burroughs' Dead City Radio; B-sides 'The Bedroom' and 'That's All I Know Right Now' (the latter a cover of the Richard Hell/Tom Verlaine pre-Television group Neon Boys); and the promotion-only 'Goo Interview.'

A 16-page book is included with an interview-essay by Byron Coley, an essay by Mark Kates, and never-before-seen photos.

Deluxe four-record boxed set featuring album out-takes, remastered demos, rehearsal performances, a couple of covers and a promo-only band interview

Includes 16-page book with essays by Byron Coley and Mark Kates and neverbefore- seen photos


:: Goo - Released 06/26/90

A1 Dirty Boots (5:29)

A2 Tunic (Song For Karen) (6:21)

A3 Mary-Christ (3:11)

A4 Kool Thing (4:06) (voice - Chuck D of Public Enemy)

B1 Mote (7:37)

B2 My Friend Goo (2:20)

B3 Disappearer (5:08)

B4 Mildred Pierce (2:13)

C1 Cinderella's Big Score (5:54)

C2 Scooter + Jinx (1:05)

C3 Titanium Expose (6:26)

:: Out-Takes, B Sides & Rehearsals

D1 Lee #2 (3:31)

D2 That's All I Know (Right Now) (2:20)

D3 The Bedroom (Live) (3:42)

D4 Dr. Benway's House (1:17) Recorded By - Sonic Youth

D5 Tuff Boyz (5:39)

:: 8 Track Demos

E1 Tunic (6:44) (voice - J Mascis of Dinosaur Jr.)

E2 Number One (Disappearer) (4:57)

E3 Titanium Expose (4:43)

F1 Dirty Boots (6:37)

F2 Corky (Cinderella's Big Score) (7:49)

F3 My Friend Goo (2:31)

G1 Bookstore (Mote) (4:14)

G2 Animals (Mary-Christ) (3:02)

G3 DV2 (Kool Thing) (4:17)

G4 Blowjob (Mildred Pierce) (8:52)

H1 Lee #2 (3:30)

:: More Goo

H2 I Know There's An Answer (3:10) (written by The Beach Boys)

H3 Can Song (3:17)

H4 Isaac (2:36)

H5 Goo Interview Flexi (6:03)