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Solomon Citron - Kampu-China (Soundtrack) (LP) (Vinyl)

Solomon Citron's debut, a non-existing, cinematic movie soundtrack called Kampu-China. Solomon Citron was born in Rostov-on-Don in the south of Russia. He's a professional musician and a talented multi-instrumentalist. Paying homage to his childhood memories of 70s action movies, he decided to create a soundtrack for Kampu-China" - a fabricated, fictional movie. Solomon composed the soundtrack in just two weeks, using only his imagination and the make-believe storyline as his inspiration. The film is set on an imaginary world, where the mythical country Kampu- China lies. Shootout scenes, kung-fu fighting, crime pursuits, betrayal and revenge make this movie a classical action movie of the 1970s. The soundtrack was composed using 3 instruments; guitar, bass and drums which has captured the sound and atmosphere of that era of movies.

Track Listings

Disc: 1

  1. Cue Ball (Composition)
  2. In the Pocket (Composition)
  3. Triangles (Composition)
  4. 65 BPM Crucible Break
  5. 70 BPM UK Break
  6. 75 BPM Masters Break
  7. 80 BPM Pot Luck Break
  8. 85 BPM Player Break
  9. 90 BPM Shark Break
  10. 95 BPM Baize Break
  11. 95 BPM Bump Break
  12. 95 BPM Cushion Break
  13. 95 BPM Plant Break
  14. 100 BPM Chalky Break
  15. 105 BPM Rocket Break
  16. 110 BPM Wizard Break
  17. 115 BPM Nugget Break
  18. 120 BPM Whirlwind Break
  19. 147 BPM Maximum Break
  20. Brady Snare
  21. Hayman Snare
  22. Hats
  23. Kick Drum
  24. Crash & Ride Cymbals
  25. Misc Rides
  26. Misc Percussion
  27. Cue Ball Guitar Wet (Stem)
  28. Cue Ball Rhodes (Stem)
  29. Cue Ball Bassline (Stem)
  30. In the Pocket Guitar Wet (Stem)
  31. In the Pocket Bassline (Stem)
  32. In the Pocket Congas (Stem)
  33. In the Pocket Shaker Wet (Stem)
  34. Triangles Guitar (Stem)
  35. Triangles Rhodes (Stem)
  36. Triangles Bass Line (Stem)