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Skabbs, The - Idle Threat: Amazing, Unearthed, Previously Unreleased Punk/New Wave Circa 1977-78 [LP]

Jackpot Records is proud to present ''Idle Threat'', a collection of never
before issued recordings from 1977-78 Lawndale, California punks, The

In tandem with the birth of punk, these music obsessed nerds, bored and
listless at the end of the 70's, became disenchanted with the increasingly
plastic tendencies of modern music. The Skabbs concocted some truly
outsider sounds, melding jagged Devo-esque rhythms with lightning-fast
technical touches that predicted the Minutemen by a few years.

Sadly, the band was cut short in 1979 when songwriter and frontman,
Steven Joseph Salazar dies at just 26 years old from a life-long heart
condition. In their grief, The Skabbs choose to disband burying Salazar's
legacy of songs with their sorrow.

In retrospect, The Skabbs steadily became a scene unto themselves,
making a proto-punk sound guided by a mission to simply make music
that sounded less gross than Foreigner. With the exception of being
recorded by SST producing genius Spot, The Skabbs were considered
too weird for the art crowd and just terrified the hippies.

* Limited Vinyl LP (w/mp3 )

Sales points
- First time ever issued - a street date 35 years
in the making!
- Includes band history and photos
- The Skabbs tour live 2012
- Feature story in Ugly Things Magazine

* Previous Jackpot Records releases have
received positive reviews in Mojo, Signal -To
Noise,, and many other
media sources.

1. Idle Threat
2. Long May She Wave
3. My God Look At That
4. N-N-N-N-Nervous
5. We AreThe Skabbs
6. Turn On The Vacuum
7. Spray Paint
8. In A Rut Over Tut
9. 4th of July
10. Who Killed The Kennedys
11. I'm Not Available
12. You Are The Hillside Strangler
13. Terry The Girl Kicker
14. Don't Care No More
15. Complainin' Bout Kanin
16. This Is The American Way
17. Theme from Cineman