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Sisters Of Mercy, The - Some Girls Wander By Mistake [4LP Box] (180 Gram) (Vinyl)

The Sisters of Mercy will continue to spotlight different eras of its acclaimed discography with this new four 180-gram vinyl box set that focuses on the band's early years, as well as their last officially released studio recordings.

The compilation retraces The Sisters of Mercy's formative years and features material from early singles and EPs. It arranges the audio in non-chronological order (starting with the 1983 EP Alice) and includes three songs originally issued in 1980: The Damage Done, Watch and Home Of The Hit-Men.

This box also includes two 12-inch singles, the first of which features the 1992 re-recorded version of Temple Of Love, and the second features two mixes of that Under The Gun (and an updated version of Alice).

Side One
1. Alice
2. Floorshow
3. Phantom
4. 1969

Side Two
1. Kiss The Carpet
2. Lights
3. Valentine
4. Fix
5. Burn
6. Kiss The Carpet - Reprise

Side Three
1. Temple Of Love - Extended Version 1983
2. Heartland
3. Gimme Shelter

Side Four
1. The Damage Done
2. Watch
3. Home Of The Hit-Men
4. Body Electric
5. Adrenochrome
6. Anaconda

Temple of Love (12'')
Side One
1. Temple Of Love'' - Touched by the Hands of Ofra Haza

Side Two
1. Vision Thing - Canadian Club Remix

Under The Gun (12'')
Side One
1. Under The Gun - Metropolis Mix

Side Two
1. Alice - 1993 Version
2. Under The Gun - Jutland Mix