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Simon Joyner - Pocket Moon [LP] (Vinyl)

* Omaha singer-songwriter surrounds himself with unknown musicians to produce one of his finest albums
* For fans of Leonard Cohen, Townes Van Zandt, Phil Ochs, Bob Dylan, Lou Reed, John Ashbery, Tim Hardin
* No export to UK / EU and Australia / NZ
'''Singer-songwriter' is a frustratingly confining term; to truly understand exactly just how confining, look no further than the recorded works of Simon Joyner, an artist whose work consistently transcends the narrow parameters of genre classifications and record shop bin cards. Though his music has always honored, reckoned with-wrestled with-the tradition set forth by his songwriting forebears (Cohen, Van Zandt, Ochs, Dylan, Reed to name a few), Joyner can always be counted on to defy expectations; as a lyricist, melodicist, and arranger, Joyner likes to keep us on our toes.
''For his new album Pocket Moon, Joyner opted to engage in a risky artistic challenge. Instead of leaning on his fertile pool of Omaha musicians (the amorphous Ghosts band), he asked friend and frequent collaborator Michael Krassner to assemble unknown players on his behalf specifically for this recording. He then traveled from his home base to Krassner's '7-Track Shack' studio in Phoenix to record the album, abandoning the literal and figurative comfort zone of old habits and home field advantage. Simultaneously sparser and more immediate than 2017's obliquely topical Step Into The Earthquake, Pocket Moon is instantly one of Joyner's finest albums since his redoubtable 2012 double album masterpiece, Ghosts, or to some ears the excellent, sonic 180 he managed with his follow-up, Grass, Branch & Bone. Krassner's wrecking crew is sturdy, versatile, and complementary. Utilizing a wide range of instruments and textures, the band contributes additional nuance to each of the ragged, sublime songs here. The result is another song cycle stylistically unified, dynamic and rich.'' - James Jackson Toth

1. You Never Know
2. Blue Eyed Boy
3. Tongue of a Child
4. You're Running Away, David
5. Morning Sun, Slow Down
6. Yellow Jacket Blues
7. Pocket Moon
8. The Last Time I Saw You, Billy
9. Sean Foley's Blues
10. Time Slows Down In Dreams
11. Blue Lullaby