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Shura - forevher [LP] (Blue Vinyl)

If you'd claimed just a few years ago that Shura would make an album
exploring ''all that love is'', few would have been as surprised as Aleksandra
Denton herself (nicknamed Shura at a young age). Ever since the 2014 viral
hit 'Touch' - and its stunning video in which Shura, crucially, ended up alone
- an impassioned global fanbase have awaited another record of heartbreak
anthems. And when Shura started work on 'forevher', she did so at her most
tired and homesick, setting up shop in Minneapolis at the close of a twoyear tour cycle for her debut album, 'Nothing's Real'. Here, ''religion (u can
lay your hands on me)'' - along with the seeds of the Minneapolis sound -
eventually became a lynchpin for the rest of the album. Just as importantly,
it was in Minneapolis that Shura began talking to her current girlfriend online.
'forevher,' then, is a record born from a budding romance, covering
everything from the initial pull of desire, to the giddy joy of finally being
together, to recognising the moment when the connection develops from
lust into something scarily meaningful. Here is a classic London-to-NYC love
story, but one told through the filter of dating apps and Skype chats. And
whilst how to live - and love - as a queer woman has always been integral to
Shura, it's remarkable to hear these stories twisted through such a gorgeous
amalgam of influences: Joni Mitchell and Minnie Riperton, Bon Iver and
Frank Ocean, Prince and Ariel Pink. Through these inspirations, Shura's own
modern, outlier perspective found a newer, more daring approach to sound
and song.
The luxurious groove of ''side effects'' shakes off the shackles of past love,
chiefly saying goodbye ''to that more anxious iteration of me. I don't miss
her.'' ''religion (u can lay your hands on me),'' meanwhile, is an unabashedly
queer sex-jam - free of guilt, long-term future, and faith itself. As the album
progresses, so too does the relationship deepen, with the risks and rewards
getting greater and greater. 'forevher' is an album that feels the fear and
does it anyway: ''princess leia'' considers the fact real love means having
so much more to lose. Elsewhere, ''BKLYNLDN'' looks at romantic longing
through the lens of texts, anxiety-inducing silences, and what presence
and absence really means in today's relationships. The record closes on the
epic ''skyline,'' which builds to an explosive crescendo before levelling out
to peace in a way that evokes some of the lusher, linear moments on Frank
Ocean's 'Blonde'. For Shura, this soundtracks not only her final relocation
to New York but also a much deeper journey as an artist and young woman.
'forevher' feels the same as its creator: a little sharper, a little wiser.

1. that's me, just a sweet melody 2. side effects 3. religion (u can lay your hands on me) 4. the stage 5. BKLYNLDN 6. tommy 7. princess leia 8. yin' 9. forever 10. control 11. skyline, be mine