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Shovels & Rope - By Blood [LP] (Vinyl)

Shovels & Rope is one of the hardest-working bands out there today. Throughout their career, Cary Ann Hearst and Michael Trent have constantly been touring, and all the while they've made music wherever they can, and recently they've taken on two giant new challenges; raising a (growing) family, and helming a successful music festival, Charleston's High Water Festival. Their new album By Blood is a gritty, powerful look into their lives and the world around them, with tender songs commenting on their relationship, and human stories weaving throughout.

01 I'm Comin' Out
02 Mississippi Nuthin'
03 The Wire
04 C'mon Utah!
05 Carry Me Home
01 Twisted Sisters
02 Good Old Days
03 Pretty Polly
04 Hammer
05 By Blood