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Shirley Walker & John Carpenter - Escape from L.A. (Soundtrack) [2LP] (Test Tube Clear With Plutoxin Virus Green Splatter Colored Vinyl, gatefold, limited to 1500)

John Carpenter wasn't just a sci-fi and horror master, one of the best and most innovative directors of his generation - he was also a highly accomplished soundtrack composer whose pioneering use of synthesizers to create suspense and dread in his film scores influenced musicians both within the film world and without. And the score he composed - along with Shirley Walker - for his 1996 dystopic sequel Escape from L.A. offered the creeping, atmospheric tension that Carpenter fans crave; although, as this film was set in L.A. and featured plenty of dark humor, Carpenter and Walker threw in a bit of rock 'n' roll as well. The original soundtrack release included a mere 16 tracks and came out on CD exclusively; now, Real Gone Music not only has added another 16 tracks to the release, but is also bringing it to vinyl for the very first time! And not just any vinyl; do you remember how in the film Snake Plisskin is infected with the plutoxin virus that will prove fatal within ten hours unless he retrieves the ''Sword of Damocles'' super weapon and receives the antidote? Well, our limited edition (of 1500) double-LP is being pressed on test tube clear with plutoxin virus green splatter vinyl... just make sure you don't let the vinyl scratch your skin! Brand new gatefold artwork featuring stills from the film production completes the package.

1. Escape from New York - Main Title
2. History of Los Angeles**
3. Fire Base Seven*
4. Snake Arrives* / Deportees*
5. Snake Gets Scratched*
6. Defense Lab*
7. Snake's Flashback*
8. Weapons* /Snake's Uniform
9. Snake's Escort*
10. Submarine Launch**
1. Sub Sinks*
2. Mulholland Drive-By*
3. Acid Rain* / Tour Guide Sting* /Snake Gets Directions*
4. Sunset Boulevard Bazaar
5. Motorcycle Chase
6. Showdown
7. Push On Through* /Snake Takes a Breather*
8. Beverly Hills Surgeon**
9. I Think We're Lost* / Taslima*
1. The Future Is Right Now** / Fun Gun*
2. The Black Box/ Target L.A.*
3. The Broadcast* / The Coliseum*
4. Decapitation* / Game Time* / The Game*
5. Escape from Coliseum
6. Queen Mary* / Hang Glider Attack
7. Helicopter Arrival
1. Texas Switch* / Fire Fight
2. Escape from Happy Kingdom
3. Crash Landing
4. Out of Time*
5. Presidential Decree*
6. J.C.'s Blues*
* Not included in original soundtrack release
**Contains material not included in original soundtrack release