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Scorpions - Crazy World [LP] (180 Gram) (Vinyl)

UMe/ Island reissues: RIAA-certified double-platinum Crazy World, a single LP; the double-LP Face The Heat on 180-gram vinyl, which also includes a bonus EP; and the Live Bites double LP on 180-gram vinyl. From powerful vocals to searing guitars to thundering bass and drums, each of these albums showcases the Scorpions' enduring talent for raising the roof and then captivating the heart within minutes.

Track Listing
1.Tease Me Please Me, 2.Don't Believe Her, 3.To Be With You In Heaven, 4.Wind Of Change, 5.Restless Nights 1.Lust Or Love, 2.Kicks After Six, 3.Hit Between The Eyes, 4.Money And Fame, 5.Send Me An Angel