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SB The Moor - Spirit Realm.Final (Cassette)

CASSETTE. Features bonus track not available on digital version. At long last, the album so many have been waiting for, the third official full length album from Sb the Moor aka Signor Benedick The Moor! Sb the Moor (or known to some as Signor Benedick The Moor) presents their third official full length album. SB presents a worldly and streamlined version of the glamorous emo hip hop they are known for. Utilizing their vast experience as a composer and arranger, this tracks seamlessly blend a young lifetime's worth of explorations into a smooth, beat-driven package that stands out from their entire previous catalog. This is the Sb the Moor release we've all been waiting for; the one that satisfies both out love of their wild, untameable side, and their firm grasp of hip hop at it's core. This is tarot music. This is the unnameable. This is hip hop.

Track Listings

Disc: 1

  1. Hidden Temple (Ntuition)
  2. Thru the Portal
  3. Feelns 4
  4. Lilith Moon (Pleasure) Ft. Cindy Blu-ray
  5. Pain (Sun God)
  6. Ul 2 Spirit Realm Ft. Magdalena
  7. Losthope
  8. Omg
  9. Nihilist T. Party (Stravinsky Flip)
  10. Elephant
  11. Feels Right :O
  12. Thru the Portal!!!
  13. B Afraid
  14. Goddamn I Love You Honey Ft. Lonemoon<3
  15. Woah! (Mya Flip) Ft. Mister