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S.al - Little Man, You've Had A Busy Day (LP) (Vinyl)

Vinyl LP pressing. A message reads: huge things are still sham. So easily understood, and so overwhelmingly so. If this is life at face value, the transmissions within s. al's debut are the counter agents. There is nurturing within Little Man, You've Had A Busy Day; awakened by nutriments and medicines. Largely self-produced, Little Man, You've Had a Busy Day finds s. al kneading out the knotty burdens of a sun cycle. As a producer, s. al supplies vignettes of tape loop meditations, each an ornate anteroom or alcove in the happy home of the album. As a vocalist, he is softly riding the forms, a provisionist of encouraging poems. From the outset of "Winner + Raps" he's your friendly voyager with undeterrable empathy, bouncing effortlessly over a funky session. Deeper into Little Man, s. al turns the guitar loops on "Phones" into a serene backdrop to ruminate on the absence of distraction. Much can be gleaned from Little Man - wonder, purpose, compassion, dexterity - but when s. al sings "there never was much else but the work / busying myself since birth," it leaves a lasting impression that the album is consumed by simple pleasures and purposes. There are depths that must not be overlooked. s. al cannot divert attention. Little Man, You've Had A Busy Day has to go to nervous places, places of botheration, in order to bask in the glimmer of closer "$150 of your mmoney. " Yes, it was a busy day. But upon reflection, it was without sham. DON'T JUST LISTEN TO MUSIC EXPERIENCE IT.