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Rush - A Show Of Hands [2LP] (200 Gram, ) (Vinyl)

The band's third live album was released January, 1989, recorded while on tour in Birmingham, U.K., New Orleans, Phoenix and San Diego during the 1988 Hold Your Fire tour, as well as in the Meadowlands in New Jersey during the 1986 Power Windows tour. The opening track ''intro''—ú features the Three Stooges theme song, ''Three Blind Mice,''—ú a song the band used to open many of their concerts during the '80s. That same year, the group released a video of the same name on VHS and Laserdisc featuring the Birmingham show, while a DVD version was included as part of a 2006 box set and as a stand-alone the following year. The album reached #21 in Billboard, going gold, with the singles including ''Closer to the Heart''—ú and 12''—ú promos of ''Mission''—ú and ''Marathon.''—ú