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Rush - A Farewell To Kings [4LP] (40th Anniversary, 180 Gram, gatefold) (Vinyl)

A Farewell To Kings spawned the band's first commercially successful radio hit, ''Closer To The Heart'' & will now see a 40th anniversary release. It features brand new cover art by Hugh Syme, along with the complete Hammersmith Odeon February 1978 show available for the first time. This 4LP is packaged in a double-gatefold & pressed on 180g vinyl & has 12,000 word liner notes by Rob Bowman.

Disc 1
1. A Farewell To Kings (Side A), 2. Xanadu (Side A), 3. Closer To The Heart (Side B), 4. Cinderella Man (Side B), 5. Madrigal (Side B), 6. Cygnus X-1 (Side B)
Disc 2
1. Bastille Day (Side A), 2. Lakeside Park (Side A), 3. By-Tor & The Snowdog (Side A), 4. Xanadu (Side B), 5. A Farewell To Kings (Side B), 6. Something For Nothing (Side B)
Disc 3
2. Cygnus X-1 (Side A), 3. Anthem (Side A), 2. Closer To The Heart (Side A), 3. 2112 (Side B)
Disc 4
1. Working Man (Side A), 2. Fly By Night (Side A), 3. In The Mood (Side A), 4. Drum Solo (Side A), 5. Cinderella Man (Side A), 6. Xanadu (Side B), 7.Closer To The Heart (Side B), 8.Cinderella Man (Side B), 9.Madrigal (Side B), 10.Cygnus X-2 Eh (Side B)