Roecker | Melody - One Foot On The Mattress, The Other On The Floor [LP] (180 Gram, download, lyric & photo booklet, each cover hand silkscreened/no two alike)

ROECKER | MELODY is the product of filmmaker JOHN ROECKER and musician DYLAN MELODY, who started writing music together in 2010. Inspired by music, film and everything in between, the band can be roughly described as an alternative mash of distortion, power chords, hooky melodies, crooning vocals and unrivaled lyrical content. It’s hard to categorize ROECKER | MELODY music because it’s so— like the artists— bipolar. Some songs are riddled with pop melodies and power chords, others have slide guitar and finger picking, some are just waves of distortion and feedback. One thing is consistent with all the songs: they are a complete 50 - 50 split of lyrics and melodies. The writing process is comprised of three key elements : 1. Alcohol 2. Guitar 3. Research. ROECKER | MELODY was founded with the idea of drawing inspiration from “the greats” and not some sell-out, carbon copy bands. The goal has always been to write relatable truths behind every lyric and pour passion into every word sung. JOHN ROECKER is influenced by artists like BOWIE, JUDY GARLAND, BRIAN ENO and BOB DYLAN, that push the boundaries of music and aim to broaden the awareness of this declining society. DYLAN MELODY is influenced by artists such as SINATRA, JOHN LENNON, MUSE AND JAMES BROWN whose technical compositions are unrivaled and passionate crooning and belting send shivers through your spine. ROECKER | MELODY releases its first full length album One Foot On The Mattress, The Other On The Floor for Record Store Day 2016 . Based in Los Angeles, the band is constantly at work in its home studio pumping out fresh ideas, developing new concepts and out playing lots of live shows! • Each LP cover hand silkscreened--no two alike!

1. The Beginning’s End
2. Broken Cocktail Dress
3. Do It!
4. I Want to Build a Graveyard
5. Isn’t It Fun?
6. It’s Lushatology
7. My Little Heartache
8. No Vacancy
9. Pretty Crazy
10. What the Hell Happened