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Riot Breaks (7") (Vinyl) LP

Riot Breaks is everything you'd want in a portable scratch record. Jampacked with an insane amount of samples (over 200!) with a focus on revolutionary politics, it also has multiple beat sections, and 4 skip proof sentences. Highlights include a classic jungle beat section, which can be cut up and juggled at drum and bass speed, or scratched out at hip-hop speed. It is nearly impossible not to have fun with this section, with beats that help you break out of your old beat juggling patterns. This record is underground DIY to the max: with hand-printed linocut covers, original and versatile spoken samples, and carefully crafted beat sections, there is enough here for everyone.. And with samples for days!

Track Listings

Disc: 1

  1. Spoken Samples
  2. Hiphop Beat Cuts
  3. Dark Juggle Beat
  4. Skip Proof Sentence
  5. Skip Proof Sentence
  6. Spoken Samples
  7. Dark Juggle Beat
  8. Jungle Beat Cuts
  9. Skip Proof Sentence
  10. Skip Proof Sentence