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Reuben And The Dark - un | love [LP] (Vinyl)

un / love, the new album by Reuben and the Dark, is a collection of lush and beautiful songs about endings and hope for the future. This record reflects an ease in Reuben as a songwriter and performer, while he deals with his most heartfelt subject matter. un / love is the swift follow-up to 2018's Arms of a Dream. The album's sound blends Reuben's deep, soulful alt-folk with lush but breezy production that carries its dark but cathartic emotion. LP & CD Available 10/25 via Arts & Crafts.

Track Listing
1. Rising, 2. Faultline, 3. Welcome Home, 4. Weightlessness, 5. Breathe, 6. Underground, 7. Inner River, 8. Unlove, 9. Outrun The Rain, 10. Wisemen, 11. Dancer