Replacements, The - Hootenany [LP] (Start Your Ear Off Right Series)

Hootenanny is the place where the Replacements began to branch out from the breakneck punk that characterized their first two records. The brilliant thing about Hootenanny is that it teeters at the brink of maturity but never makes the dive into that deep pool. Paul Westerberg nevertheless dips a toe into those murky waters with ''Color Me Impressed,'' as good an angst-ridden rocker as he would ever write, and the heartbroken ''Within Your Reach,'' which presented a break from the Replacements' past in its slower tempo. It lurches to life with the folk piss-take ''Hootenanny'' before spinning out of control with ''Run It,'' a piece of faux-core harder and funnier than anything on Stink. It continues to bounce from extreme to extreme, stopping for a Beatles parody on ''Mr. Whirly'' and the instrumental ''Buck Hill''.

Side A:
01 Hootenanny
02 Run It
03 Color Me Impressed
04 Willpower
05 Take Me Down To The Hospital
06 Mr. Whirly

Side B:
01 Within Your Reach
02 Buck Hill
03 Lovelines
04 You Lose
05 Hayday
06 Treatment Bound