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Rachel Grimes - Way Forth [2LP] (Vinyl)

The Way Forth, a new folk opera from Rachel Grimes, encompasses lush layers of voices and orchestrations in an experiential, non-linear investigation highlighting perspectives of Kentucky women from 1775 to today. Inspired by a treasure-trove of family documents, photos, and letters spanning several generations, Grimes began in 2016 to research some of the more vexing questions that came to the surface about these people, places, and events. Fueled by intuition, travel to visit family, photographing, and filming present day rural Kentucky life, the research led to many more questions: What is missing? What is not being said here? What did she really think and feel? Primary historical accounts routinely glossed over people without titles or voting rights, and dehumanized most others by referring to them as objects of desire, savages, or slaves. Further examination formed a framework for trying to reconcile her state's history and how it relates to the westward expansion and settlement

TRACK LISTING 1. Got Ahold of Me (4:15) 2. Postcard from Pauline (1:46) 3. Patsy (2:11) 4. Sisterhood of Man (3:20) 5. Red House School (5:24) 6. The Hysterical Society (2:15) 7. Nowhere on Earth (3:24) 8. There Is No Other (3:33) 9. The Spells (1:33) 10. Fontaine Ferry (4:25) 11. For So Long (4:40) 12. Dix River Doxology (3:21) 13. Dolly (1:43) 14. Bill of Sale (1:53) 15. End of Dominion (12:07) 16. Sara (2:45) 17. A New Land (3:39)