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R. Stevie Moore - Ariel Pink's Picks, Volume One [2LP] (Vinyl)

As with all matters related to Ariel Pink and R. Stevie Moore the exact details are vague -- but the origins of this compilation can be traced to Ariel Pink's ''My Molly'' e.p. from 2006. Included with the e.p. was a postcard insert that featured a hand drawn road-map to what Ariel considered to be RSM's best songs from each era. This illustrated his deep appreciation for, and understanding of, R. Stevie's vast catalog. Nearly all of the selections on this release come from that list and all were recorded between 1973 and 1984.

The final sequence for ''Ariel Pink's Picks, Volume One'' was sent by Ariel to R. Stevie around 2006 -- but the release didn't materialize until 2011 when Nick Noto (Big Muff Radio) discovered it while assisting with the digital reincarnation of the RSM Cassette Club. Later in 2011, Laughable Recordings released a limited run of 100 cassettes that quickly sold out and have been highly sought-after by fans ever since.

It is worth noting that the majority of these songs do not appear on R. Stevie Moore's many other compilations; and this is the first time that eleven of the seventeen tracks have ever appeared on vinyl. This essential collection was carefully remastered for vinyl release by Carl Saff in early 2014.

1. Mason Jar
2. Don't Be Ridiculous
3. She's Dead
4. Girl Go
5. Come My Way
6. Here Comes Summer Again
7. Father Goes
8. We're In Vietnam
9. My Bad Music
10. Right Perfume, Wrong Mouthwash
11. Benefit Of The Doubt
12. The Winner
13. Cuss Me Out
14. I See Stars
15. Johna's Theme
16. Safe, Reliable and Courteous
17. No Zipper