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Professor Brian Oblivion - The Dark Realities Of The Moment (CD)

A juxtaposition of sounds spanning the last five decades, this conscious work, that nods to KRS-One and Public Enemy, offers a message in a time where mainstream rap fails to even scratch the surface. "The Dark Realities of the Moment" puts a magnifying glass up to today's climate and asks relevant questions. With the influence of Gang Starr, DJ Shadow, A Tribe Called Quest and other Golden Era Hip-Hop artists, this debut album incorporates funk, rock, jazz and world styles. Armed with an MPC, turntables and a room full of vinyl, Professor Brian Oblivion formed his first full length release. Question: First, we must ask, who Professor Brian Oblivion is, then we can continue to outline his method. With a sense of dystopia, he thought to himself, "What can I contribute to society?" Disproportion of wealth continuously polarizing communities, decade-plus-long war, economies destined for failure; those who turn a blind eye to these issues may just hear the sound of alarm pulsing through these 10 tracks. Oblivion presents his contribution as a collage of sounds from the past that are relevant to the discontent of the present state. Research: As a musicologist compiles data on the field, recording and documenting song, Professor Oblivion researched various libraries in the thick underbelly of vinyl habitats: flea markets, garage sales, thrift stores and hoarders' caves. He dropped a needle to countless grooves of hundreds of pounds of records, in search of anything that resonates the dissent of society's condition. Hypothesis: If messages in our airwaves create a culture of complacency, then music must be made to shine a light on "The Dark Realities of the Moment." Experiment: With records collected from the past 15 years, samples were taken, processed and compiled, to contribute to culture, a critical musical survey of today's society. Conclusion: "Making funky music is a must!" -KRS One.

Track Listings

Disc: 1

  1. Absolution
  2. Everywhere I Go
  3. Tattered & Torn
  4. Servants of the People
  5. Wondering Why
  6. Feel the Funk (The Government Is Robbing Everybody Blind)
  7. Land of the Thief
  8. Behind Dreams
  9. Is This Freedom?
  10. The Ceremony