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Prins Thomas - Prins Thomas 2 [2 LP] (, gatefold) (Vinyl)

This is the second solo album from Norwegian cosmic-disco king/Full Pupp label-owner Prins Thomas. Prins Thomas 2 is stunning from start to finish. While its predecessor and his album works with Lindstrom took care of the Kraut-y, rocky, brainy and ''real musician'' side of things, the man from Oslo goes back to the starting point of his recording career: one man and his idiosyncratic way of making people dance. The seven tracks on this LP or the eight on the mixed CD (including two bonus tracks) owe as much to the traditional methods of house or techno and extraterrestrial disco as they disregard it, and they are as characteristic to Thomas' studio space and his sound aesthetics as they are to his infinite will to surprise. Directly from the guts of the man behind Full Pupp, Internasjonal and a gazillion of tailor-made remixes, you get to hear joyful reminiscences of the late and great Arthur Russell on ''Tjukkas Pa Karussel,'' nasty drum jams like ''Flau Pappadans 1,'' ''Bom Bom,'' or the Perkmiks of ''Bobletekno'' next to the sheer and untainted beauty that is ''Symfonisk Utviklingshemming.'' The spirits of these recordings are light-hearted, sincere, a joy to listen and dance to and cumulate in an album that deserves the name.