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Philip B. Price - Bone Almanac [LP] (Vinyl)

On November 8, 2019, Philip B. Price ' lead singer/songwriter of acclaimed Winterpills ' will release Bone Almanac on Signature Sounds, his first solo outing since 2004. Philip went into the studio in April of 2018 with Justin Pizzoferrato (Pixies, Sebadoh, Kim Gordon), 5 weirdly tuned acoustic guitars, a book full of dark, spare, apocalyptic songs, and little else. The naked-yet-layered sound that emerged is like nothing he or Winterpills has ever done before. While addressing very modern dreads (environmental devastation, for one), Bone Almanac would also sit nicely on a shelf next to John Fahey, Nick Drake, Gene Clark, Bill Callahan, John Renbourn and Joni Mitchell. 'I don't wanna call this my 'climate change emergency' album,' Price says, 'because I'm pretty sure there will be more of those. Maybe call it volume one.' Price's well-worn pop sensibility, honeyed voice and spidery guitar work makes it all go down a with bittersweet warmth.
1. Holding Onto Light
2. Whiskey Bells
3. C'mon World
4. Smothered In Green
5. Blue Wolf
6. The Liar
7. Ropes
8. Crow Mocks My Wings
9. Party By the Waterfall
10. Jewel Wasp
11. Severed
12. Althaearosea
13. Bone Almanac
14. Patient