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Philanthrope & Devaloop - Cloudfiles (Extended Edition) (2XLP) (Vinyl)

Double vinyl LP pressing. Extended edition including 10 vinyl bonus tracks. Cloudfiles is the cassette release collaboration of two Austrian musicians Simon "Philanthrope" Leidner and Fabian "Devaloop" Pfitzer. Since the beginning of their music career in 2012, Simon & Fabian have always been fascinated with classic old school sounds, mixing clouds jazzy samples and boom bap drums. In the expectations of warm sunny days wish you enjoy the 24 fresh and smooth instrumental compositions in which also have taken part Monomassive, T-Max and Samura.LorÚ.

Track Listings

Disc: 1

  1. Intro
  2. Cloudy (Vinyl Bonus Track) [FT. Flitz & Suppe)
  3. Float
  4. Waves
  5. City Lights
  6. Vienna Vibes (Vinyl Bonus Track) [FT. Alex]
  7. Interlude#1
  8. Isolation (Vinyl Bonus Track)
  9. Relax (Vinyl Bonus Track)
  10. Bomdigi
  11. Relax Your Mind (FT. T-Max)
  12. Forever
  13. Return (Vinyl Bonus Track) Ft. Tesla
  14. Outrolude
  15. Playing Beats (Vinyl Bonus Track)
  16. Nothing Less
  17. Vintage
  18. Crooked (Vinyl Bonus Track)
  19. In Between Days and Nights Samura Loré
  20. That Old Real Shit
  21. Flava for Your Mind (Vinyl Bonus Track) [FT. Ak420]
  22. Your Neckalreadyknows (Vinyl Bonus Track)
  23. Tito
  24. What a Feeling
  25. World on My Shoulders
  26. Drifting on Space Clouds (Vinyl Bnous Track) [FT. Samura Loré)
  27. Facing Reality
  28. About Jazz