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PH - Osiris Hayden [LP] (Vinyl)

'Like an Ostrobothnian Follakzoid, experimental electronic soundscapes pulverise with panache and a pop-like sensibility. Osiris Hayden is contemporary Finno-Ugric Krautrock, in keeping with the band's earlier work but much more cinematic in scope than ever before. Vangelis-inducing, distorted Blade-Runner landscapes give way to the march of slick Terminator machines crushing human bones under foot. Psychonaut futurism from a band fusing genres ahead of their own time, and in a strange but logical evolution of the PH journey. There's no surprise why festivals like Roadburn, Roskilde, Flow and Tuska have championed this group to represent one of the finest examples of the modern Finnish experimental rock scene. Referring to PH, Julian Cope urged people to ''get this stunning quintet out of the cold weather and into the charts.'' Osiris Hayden feels like the album that will now propel them out of the smoke-filled sub-basement venues that birthed them, on to the a la mode coffee tables and dance floors of even the most discerning and cutting edge audio savant. PH's 20 years of psychedelic space-travel lend them a gargantuan understanding of the roots of music, towards the core meaning and power of transcendental sound. Fine-art museum-level workmanship for apocalyptic illegal factory raves and lysergic come-downs. Look no further for a sound beyond the limits of modern psychedelia. These Finns are way out there.